WindTAIWAN Magazine No. 4 introduction

By WindTAIWAN / 2020-03-30
WindTAIWAN Magazine No. 4


    Wind TAIWAN No. 4 is now released! In this issue, we are exploring the development of the industry in Denmark the Netherlands and  how they managed to strike a balance between ecology and economy. We also interviewed the developers in Taiwan to talk about their point of views of Taiwan’s development. In addition, we reviewed Taiwan’s major electricity developer/operator/supplier, Taipower, about their knowledge of the industry and their experience of EIA. Those valuable opinions will elaborate the current situation in Taiwan for being the model of energy transition in Asia-pacific region and reveal the challenges of localizing the supply chain.  

Table of Content

    In the cover story, we interviewed the representative of the Netherlands, Guy Wittich. He introduced their unique Polder system of the Netherlands as an example to show us how they succeed to do their construction, public infrastructures, and even offshore wind farms. And we invited the former Deputy Director of Environmental Protection Administration, Mr. Chan, Shun-Kuei, to talk about his days in Executive Yuan implementing the policies and provided solutions for the current government. We also interview with Wang, Yun-Yi, the chairperson of wpd Taiwan, to share her path of promoting energy transition in Taiwan and the opinions about building a local supply chain. There is also the Chairman of Dong Fang, a wind power O&M company, Mr. Chen, Po-Lin introduced their latest CTV and his vision for offshore wind power industry. 

Representative of the Netherlands, Guy Wittich
Chan, Shun-Kuei
Wang, Yun-Yi
Chen. Po-Lin

    Besides the progress in the industry mentioned above, we also introduced the technology of Metocean forecast system on offshore wind farm and a special feature about lives of the people who moved very long way from Europe to Taiwan and how they adapt the lives here. Subscribe now and join us to get to know more about Taiwan offshore wind market!  

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