CIP & MHI Vestas work together to establish Taiwan's turbine components hub

By WindTAIWAN / 2020-06-24
MHI Vestas looking forward to team up with more local manufacturers to set up Taiwan's turbine component hub

Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners’s Chang Fang & Xidao turbine supplier MHI Vestas unveiled its current progress on key turbine components localization today and made suggestions regarding the upcoming zonal development phase. 

Marina Hsu, CIP’s Chief Development Officer said CIP and China-steel backed Zhong Neng offshore wind farm secured in total of 900MW during Zone Application for Planning (“ZAP”) Program (第2階段潛力場址遴選階段),and have launched the most comprehensive localization plan, including the most advanced turbine localization plan in the development. It has signed lease agreement with TIPC’s Taichung port to use land space about 80 hectares in attempt to establish a “offshore wind turbine components hub of Asia Pacific”. 

Maida Zahirovic, MHI Vestas Business Director in Taiwan, who made her first public appearance, said MHI Vestas have been in touch with potential local partners since 2017 and together with CIP was the first team that passed Taiwan’s key turbine components localization review last year. MHI Vestas has worked hard on confirming supplier contracts with local companies on 10 key turbine components including offshore wind turbine blades, towers, nacelle base frame, resin, switchgears, hubs, hub base, carbon fiber materials..etc. MHI Vestas will now focus on helping its suppliers to obtain certifications, enhance awareness on EHS as well as manufacturing capability by creating a platform for suppliers to build up a bankable and export capable supply chain. 

Zahirovic also said in the MHI Vestas will be finalizing more turbine components contracts in the following months to meet the government’s requirement to submit all the contracts for review by the end of August. 

Engineered for IEC class T, MHI Vestas 174 turbines that will be used in the Changfang & Xidao wind farm are perfectly fit for unique oceanographic features and strong wind of Taiwan and the series have already been marketed in the Asia Pacific region so Taiwanese suppliers can get a firm foothold on being the primary supplier of the turbine components in the Asia Pacific market. Taking one step forward, MHI Vestas is working with Taiwan’s Tien Li (天力科技股份有限公司) to build the most advanced and one-and-only turbine factory in Taiwan. MHI Vestas is ready to help the companies who had onshore turbine experience to expand their footprint to offshore turbines and will be sending staff of Tienli to MHI Vestas’ factories in Europe to upgrade their turbine manufacturing knowledge and skills. 

Citing Taiwan's face mask as an example, Zahirovic  said the reason behind the successful story is the industry is an ensemble of raw material, certification and skillful manufacturing. The same should be applied to turbine components, such as the manufacturing of turbine blades. 

As to the zonal development phase, CIP has called for continuation for 1400MW turbine component localization program and the government to audit and make sure that local companies have received orders. CIP also advocated a raise in standard when the government is conducting developer’s qualification review in the zonal development phase in order to encourage positive competition among developers. CIP also made the following suggestions regarding the zonal development phase:

1. Continuation of localization policy 

2. Taking confirmed supplying contract into account during evaluation 

3. Government authority should raise the bar from BOE suggested 60 points to 80 points as the overall performance of developer is crucial to properly implement local content policy 

4. Raise the bar on proportion of industry commitment 

5. 1GW is not a viable scale to foster a strong local offshore wind supply chain. CIP suggests that BOE allocate the first 2.5GW in 2021 and another 2.5 GW in 2022. Also, the maximum developing capacity should be raised to 1GW from 0.5GW per developer.

/Hui Lun Hsu

Maida Zahirovic, MHI Vestas Business Director in Taiwan and Marina Hsu, Chief Development Officer of CIP

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